2004 Gospel In The Cotswolds

Gospel In The Cotswolds

The outdoor concert on Sat 19th June at 14.30 was being staged as part of the festival of celebrations surrounding the production of the 2004 Blockley Mystery Plays. The Internationally renowned Croydon SDA Gospel Choir led the concert of Gospel classics and were joined on stage by several local choirs and local performers such as Anna Stamp.

The choir had agreed to travel from London to perform in the festival after working on Eastenders with the director of the Mystery Plays, Chris Jury, who also directed Little Mo and Billy’s Eastenders wedding on Christmas day 2002 in which the Choir were heavily featured.

“I had been aware of the Croydon Choir for some years,” Said Chris Jury, “I had one of their albums and when the Eastenders story came up I knew they were perfect for it. Afterwards talking to the Choirmaster, Ken Burton, I realised we had to get them to come to the Cotswolds and the Mystery Plays were the perfect opportunity.”

“They really are one of UK’s top 5 leading Gospel Choirs and were very lucky to have them. Anyone who loves Gospel music or was just curious as to what it is realised what a truly unique and moving event this was.”

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