2004 Archive – Video’s, Plans etc

“It is a strikingly beautiful setting, with a clever use of the natural slope to convey heaven above and earth and hell below…the sets and costumes are rich and beautiful and the cast – young and old – is excellent throughout; a wonderful production which is really worth seeing.”

The Cotswold Journal.

The original ‘Blockley Millennium Mystery Play’ was a community production staged by a cast and crew of local Blockley residents to mark the turn of the Millennium.

The 1999 production told the story of the New Testament so to complete the project in 2004 the community staged the Old Testament. The script was written by local resident, Don Jowett, and the performances took place outside in Churchill Close Park at the centre of the village from Tue 15th June until Sat 19th June 2004.

An auditorium was created in the corner of Churchill Close below the children’s play area. A scaffolding stage was built at the bottom of this natural amphitheatre with the wooden climbing frame platform being used as a second stage area above. The audience sat on the grass banks between the two stages.

Plan Of 2004

This outside location at the heart of the village inspired a surrounding ‘festival’ of village events throughout the week of the production culminating on the Saturday afternoon with a concert by The Croydon SDA Gospel choir, one of the leading Gospel Choirs in the UK, which was followed by the final performance of the Mystery Plays in the evening.


The entire community of Blockley was involved in the project; The Bowling Club helped with the bar and toilet facilities, the Parish Council provided funds and expertise, the May Day Celebrations committee ran the festival. The final budget for the project was well over £20,000 gathered from a mixture of  grants from charitable institutions and from fund-raising events and donations from the public.

Link to the 2004 Photo Gallery

Link to the 2004 Programme


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